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Happy Sabbath! April 4, 2020

Updated: April 4, 2020


We are staying connected with our church family during the pandemic. Here are the highlights for today!

1.This Sabbath, we have been invited to join the Hanover church in a ZOOM Sabbath School class that meets at 9:30. You can be part of the
class discussion by clicking join and connecting. It's that easy! Follow the instructions provided at the link below:


2. Other options for Sabbath School include:

    Online Quarterly

    Hope Channel Sabbath School (YouTube)

    Amazing Facts Study Hourl

2. Pastor Lynn will Live Stream his message, "The USA in Bible Prophecy" starting at 11:10 by clicking the link below:

3. Don't forget our church needs to meet our financial obligations and our Pastors need to be paid through tithe!  We make it so easy for you! Please go to our ONLINE GIVING PAGE

4.Our sister church, Hanover SDA has a wealth of information on outreach opportunities and other news. Please see their newsletter!

We hope you have a blessed Sabbath with your families AND your online church family!

 ​Please join us at 11AM, Saturday 04-04-2020