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Hope Awakens SCHEDULE

Updated: April 25, 2020



Hope Awakens Sermon Dates and Titles

Are you seeking hope in this uncertain time of the Covid-19 or Coronavius? Our church is joining hundreds of other churches in sponsoring a countrywide online series of meetings on how to have hope in these uncertain times. Join us a 7PM on the dates below. You will find an "It is Written" viewer on the lower right of our website homepage to watch the episodes in real time or the It is Written YouTube Channel.

  1. Fri Apr. 17 – SIGNS YOU CAN’T IGNORE (Seeing the Signs.)
  2. Sat Apr. 18 – HOPE AWAKENS (Daniel 2)
  3. Tues Apr. 21 – THE UNSEEN ENEMY (Great Controversy)
  4. Wed Apr. 22 – HEROES IN A TIME OF CRISIS (Law and Grace)
  5. Fri Apr. 24 – FROM FAILURE TO VICTORY (Judgment/Salvation)
  6. Sat Apr. 25 – EARTH’S ULTIMATE REMEDY (Second Coming)
  7. Tues Apr. 28 – REST AND RECOVERY (Sabbath. Quality Time.)
  8. Wed Apr. 29 – GOING IT ALONE (Change of Sabbath. The Day that Disappeared.)
  9. Fri May 1 – BEYOND THE LIGHT (Death. Mystery of Death.)
  10. Sat May 2  – LOCKDOWN: A PLANET IN ISOLATION (A Planet in Lockdown)
  11. Sat May 2 – THE NEW NORMAL: A WORLD WITHOUT FEAR (Hell. Revelation’s Lake of Fire.)
  12. Tues May 5 – EXPERIENCING RENEWAL (Baptism)
  13. Wed May 6 – SURVIVAL KEYS FOR CHALLENGING TIMES (Health. Fitness for the Crisis.)
  14. Fri May 8 – THE NEXT SUPERPOWER (Antichrist)
  15. Sat May 9  – A HOUSE DIVIDED: THE FUTURE AT THE CROSSROADS (Mark of the Beast/USA.)
  16. Sat May 9  – ANCIENT EMPIRES, MODERN MYSTERIES (Fall of Babylon)
  17. Tues May 12 – A PLACE OF SAFETY (In Search of the Church)
  18. Wed May 13 – THE FINAL INVITATION (Unpardonable Sin. Gift of the Spirit.)
  19. Fri May 15 – THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION (Heaven. As Good as it Gets.)
  20. Sat May 16 – THE JOURNEY (Personal Testimony)